Tuesday, December 15 2015

Infographic for Laptop

15 12 2015

Get In Touch and secure your Computer System

15 12 2015

If we talk about matters that pertains to the internet as well as web hosting, the topic about IP address will be mentioned over and over again since it poses a relatively important thing in a smooth and safe computing experience. Also, you might hear and perhaps get to know better some points about the various kinds of IP addresses. For one, Static IP addresses is very important in maintaining a safe system. There are also two other kinds such as Shared IP address and web hosting. All these pose a very important role in maintaining and keeping a smooth sailing and stress free computer usage.

All of the computers who take part in any kind of form of an activity in the internet are identified uniquely by a couple of numbers in which they are assigned. Every time you key in the domain name of that what is found in your address bar browser, you are seeking for information from a set of numbers which equals that of a domain. In a similar manner, when you speak about anything relating to information about the web you are going to still use the set of numbers. It will provide you the information that you need. In other words, you need to have this protected and safeguarded at all cost so that you can also protect your own interest.

To make things easier, you need to get the services of people who endeavor to help you with this crusade. Of course, you need someone whom you can trust and that is the KTunnel. If you aren’t that familiar yet with the It company, you can reach them by logging on to site .Your IP address is a very important blueprint for your computer and this holds a lot of information thus never settle for less. Get in touch with people who can truly provide the services that you need.

Tuesday, November 24 2015

Introduction to HTML Programming

24 11 2015

A visual on marketing

24 11 2015

Infographic on seo

24 11 2015

Friday, November 20 2015

“Design For Me And My Career”

20 11 2015

I am a new model and aspiring actor as well in this country. I have been a model for five years and have been making my own name in the modeling world. I have appeared in several fashion shows of top designer wearing their top of the line suits and formal wear, I sometimes also go daring and ramp for some lingerie and beach wear as well. Acting is not my cup of tea, but have took several workshops, and it has been improving ever since. I have portrayed several supporting roles, and at first it was really terrible, but now, I am starting to get good critics and getting followers too. My manager suggested since I am already gaining fame, I would need a website to be able to share to the world what I got, who I am, and what I do, basically my life would be posted on my website or most of it. I may not be of any expertise, but I need the website design Singapore. Be it with a minimal fee or for free, as long as it should be secured and with strict website admin, twenty four hour customer service, speedy response to complaints and inquiries, reasonable pricing, web building tools among others. With your website, you hope this will give you faster advertisement to build up your name, and at the same time you get more followers. Your portfolio would also be found online, and clients could easily find you or see you on your website. You may not be a very brilliant mind, but you have a gift how to pose and walk on stage, and now your acting is quite improving too. So your career path is on its way to a brighter one.

Friday, November 6 2015

“Convenience With Bypass Lock”

6 11 2015

I have a very strong connection with my smart phone and my tablet as well. But the thing is that I keep on forgetting my passwords and it is great that my friend introduced to me Bypass iCloud Lock which saves my time and effort. I need both for work, family and play and I could never leave these two things behind wherever I go.


I feel so bare or naked without my two gadgets on hand as almost everything is there, I could access all my work data there, my schedules, contacts, family matters, important dates, even my gym and training schedules and workouts are also there, and my life logger as well and so much more. I am pretty sure a few decades back these things I am carrying around were just concepts, and then I was still carrying my daily planner with a pen, some post its, heavy mobile phone, a pager, a CD man, a tape recorder, and a laptop bag tagging along most of the time plus other office stuff whenever I would do field work. Is it not a miracle compressing all these stuff in just two tiny gadgets?

Actually I can carry only one though, but I felt a seven inch tablet-phone would be too big for me to use as a phone, while my five inch mobile is too small to use to do my office stuff, like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and web browsing also. With these two devices, I have a lot of apps installed, I have this attitude to download apps and try it and if I do not like it I would remove it and I do this several times a day specially when I get bored. There are app brands that are just there to take up space on your device, some pretty useful, and there are apps that are well thought of and very functional.